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3. Etage

Theatre means encounters – inside and outside of the auditorium. On our nocturnal floor we have a programme of Friday events ranging from heated discussions to odd figments of our ensemble members’ imaginations. On Saturdays, too, we occasionally give concerts or hold editions of our “Golden Tear” competition.

Our Events

Songs & Poetry

Every 1st Friday of the month we hold an open stage for everyone wanting to present songs or lyrics! Be it your own work or the work of others, whether polished or spontaneous, art song, polka or diary entry: Everything is possible!

Diskurs & Aktivismus

Encounters also mean getting to grips with other people’s ideas – so let’s get talking about the hot topics of the day. Every 2nd Friday in the month we discuss issues and hash out solutions to problems ranging from bike workshops to societal models, with a view to everyone leaving the theatre enriched in some way – with a new idea or a new acquaintance or just a shot of energy.

Living Legends

The new series of music events on the 3rd Friday of the month is a coveted platform for the greats of the performing arts firmament ranging from the world’s quickest pianist to Ancient Greece’s saddest goddess of song. The stage of the 3. Etage is a veritable cradle of legendary performances.


Every 4th Friday of the month you can be there, panning for rough diamonds, when nonsense turns into quality or quality goes to nonsense - or both happen in the same evening. “Freestyle” is made up of evenings by, with, amongst and led by the ensemble. Whether mature or spontaneous, “What if…” becomes “Let’s just do it”.


Don't be afraid of intense feelings - and certainly not of tears of emotion! Today we can be sad in style! Our new format on the 3rd floor - rarer, but all the more emotional for it - is aimed at all sensitive people who bookmark the saddest passages in a book so they can revisit their tearfulness at will or who have been listening to the soundtrack of “Saddest Music in the World” in a continuous loop since 2003. Eight to ten participants compete against each other, performing the most mournful of their own songs or lyrics, dance to gloomy music, act out a scene, paint a melancholic picture or give a short lecture presenting a self-created work of art. Similar to the classic poetry slam, everyone has five minutes to touch the audience jury members to the point of tears. Don't forget your handkerchief! Presented by our actor-musician Vera Mohrs, who, together with colleague Kostia Rapoport in their collaboration as house band “The Tears”, also provides a sentimental backdrop.

Want to get involved? Then mail us at schauspielmusik(at)

Nachtetage Diskurs

House rules on the 3rd Floor

§ 01 OPEN Be open and outgoing and ready for anything – that’s Rule No. 1 when making theatre, watching theatre and definitely when heading for the 3rd Floor.

§ 02 DISCUSSION Theatre is always about give and take – which is not at all restricted to an orchestra pit and a neatly framed stage. Those 4th-wall barriers are done away with on the 3rd floor, making the ideal training camp for meaningful encounters.

§ 03 PEER-TO-PEER Check your egos at the door. Respect is the watchword. Dialogue is… laughing despite oneself.

§ 04 DIVERSE Who wants to spend their time doing the same things with the same people? Here we do different things with different people.

§ 05 (UN)FINISHED No work of art is truly finished until it’s been seen or shared. Sometimes the art consists in the creative process itself. Let’s be open for anything (see 01)!

§ 06 FREE All floors of our theatre are places where people exercise their basic civil rights, particularly as set out in Art. 5 (3) of the Basic Law.

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