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Ohad Fishof



Ohad Fishof is an interdisciplinary artist, working in a diverse range of fields including dance, sound, performance, video and installation. He began his artistic career in music and gradually broadened his creative endeavors to other forms of media. In 1997 he received an MA in Dance from Laban Center, London. He spent the following years creating dance and performance pieces, as well as sound and video. His performance collaboration, "Home" with artist Uri Katzenstein, was presented as part of the 2001 Venice Biennial. Over the past fifteen years, Fishof has been consistently expanding his ever-growing body of work – a difficult-to-categorize continuum of idiosyncratic time-based art, ranging from live music to site-specific performance work, video animation, installations, dance pieces and soundtrack work.

His work has been commissioned by art organizations such as Artangel and presented in museums, galleries and theaters in the UK, the USA, Israel, Japan and Switzerland among other countries. His short film "Abduction" won first prize for Best Experimental Film at the Jerusalem Film Festival in 2011 and in 2012 he won the Ministry of Culture Award for the audio-visual solo performance "A Lecture on Architecture". His latest solo performance evening was premiered as part of the Print Screen New Media Festival in 2014 and later presented as part of the Batsheva Dance Company Hosts Season and in the Tel Aviv Art Museum. The dance quartet, "Garden of Minutes" - Fishof's latest choreographic collaboration with Noa Zuk was premiered in Tel-Aviv in November 2015, to critical and audience acclaim.

Fishof is also a long-term collaborator of Batsheva Dance Company and has for many years worked closely with choreographer Ohad Naharin as a soundtrack designer, music director and dramaturge. A Teacher of Gaga since 2004, he has taught dance, performance and audio master classes and workshops worldwide, and is currently teaching for both the BFA and the MFA programs at Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, and at the New Media Department of Hamidrasha Art School in Beit Berl College in Israel.

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