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Maude Vuil­leu­mier

Maude Vuilleumier

Stage / Costume


Maude Hélène Vuilleumier, costume and set designer for stage and TV. After she completed her education as dressmaker for the theatre, she studied scenography with Thomas Dreissigacker and set design with Michael Simon at the academy of arts, Zurich.

During and after her studies she worked as décor assistant at Opera Zurich, amongst others with Anna Viebrock, Herbert Fritsch and at Ballet Zurich with Emma Ryott for Christian Spuck’s choreographies. Her co-operation with Goyo Montero started in 2018 at Opera Zurich for the production „Kreationen“. She presented her own creations amongst others at the Theatres of Biel Solothurn, St. Gallen, Zurich, Karlsruhe, Aarau, Basel, Bern, Ballhaus Ost Berlin, Theaterdiscounter Berlin, Waggonhalle Marburg and Philharmonic Orchestra Luxembourg.

With „Romantik ist ein Frauenporno“ she has been invited to the „Körber Studio for Young Direction“ in Hamburg and has been finalist within the competition „Premio“. Founder of the collective „HotAirProduction“, she developed in 2008 various independent productions in Berlin and Zurich. In 2016 she has been invited to „watch&talk“ within the Belluard Festival, Fribourg. Together with her feminist collective „der grosse tyrann“ (with Liliane Koch) Vuilleumier developed in 2015 „Made of Steele“ and in 2018 „Ave Maria“; furthermore she appeared as performer on stage and created the costume design. In her work she focusses on the transformation of the body with the means of costume design that she perceives as the smallest stage of the dancer.

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