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Eva Adler

Eva Adler

Stage / Costume

Bühnen- und Kostümbildnerin

The stage and costume designer Eva Adler studied architecture at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, also stage and costume design at the Weißensee School of Art in Berlin. She gained her first practical experience at the Schaubühne Berlin and at the German Theatre Berlin, before becoming an assistant stage designer at the Staatstheater Nürnberg in season 2011/12. In addition to her work, she has already designed the stage and costume for the acting productions Vatersprache (2012), Demut vor deinen Taten Baby (2013) and Letzte Stunde(n) (2013), directed by Frauke Busch.

She has been working as a freelance designer since December 2013 and was hired directly for her first children's opera, Cherubino mischt sich ein oder Die verflixte Sache mit der Liebe (2013).

Thinking architecturally, especially in ballet Eva Adler likes to create flexible elements that allow interactions with the dancers. At the Staatstheater Nürnberg, she created stage sets for the ballet productions MADE FOR US and MADE FOR US II. In this way she worked with Cayetano Soto at Mirrored (2014), with Douglas Lee at Doll Songs (2014) and with Jeroen Verbruggen at Where have all the Flowers gone (2017).

There is a regular cooperation with Douglas Lee: Together they worked for Lady with a Fan (2017) at the Zurich Opera House, Firebird (2018) at the Alexandrinsky Theatre St. Petersburg and She Wore Red (2019) at the Dortmund Theatre, Petrushka (2019) at the Staatstheater Nürnberg and most recently Naiad (2020) on Stuttgart Ballet.

Adler has been working closely with Goyo Montero since season 2013/14, i.a. at Black Bile (2014), Cyrano (2014), Latent (2015), Monade (2016), Don Quijote (2017), Dürer´s Dog (2017), A Midsummer Night´s Dream (2018), M (2019) and Sacre (2019) at the Staatstheater Nürnberg.

Also in 2019 Eva Adler created the stage design for Yaroslav Ivanenko's ballet Eugen Onegin at the Theatre Kiel. In addition, she designs stages and costumes for the acting director Maya Fanke.

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