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Zapatos rojos – Red shoes

Art event as our new production of “Talestri” at the Staatstheater Nürnberg in the 2022/23 season.

Zapatos rojos in Nuremberg

Saturday, 12th November 2022, 15.00 - 19.30, Richard-Wagner-Platz in front of the Opernhaus

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Mexican artist Elina Chauvet created her Red Shoes installation for the first time in 2009, choosing a public square in Juárez Chihuahua in which to draw attention to victims of femicide, with each murdered woman represented by a pair of shoes. The installation has now been replicated around the globe. Elina Chauvet’s art initiative is participatory in nature: citizens everywhere are asked to donate shoes and get involved in the project.

Pairs of donated shoes can be dropped off at the entrance to the Opernhaus. They will be stained red and become part of the installation. Alternatively, bring your shoes on the 12th November and do the staining and exhibiting yourself.

Elina Chauvet on “Zapatos rojos”

Zapatos Rojos Instalación de Arte Público is a public art installation, an artwork in which people are invited to participate. It is an appeal to our conscience to show worldwide solidarity with women who have experienced violence and to give and succour and support to women, girls and teenagers who continue to disappear or be murdered under the indifferent gaze of the authorities.

Zapatos rojos began on 22nd August 2009 in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahau, Mexico, as a march in support of 33 missing women, an initiative that has been attracting like-minded adherents ever since, all united in publicising the absence of the women and the pain associated with the loss. Today this expression of solidarity has spread to many countries across Europe and America including Argentina, Italy, Spain, Norway, Great Britain, Sweden, Chile, Ecuador, USA, Canada, Brazil, Paraguay and France.

Zapatos rojos is our collective memory, a conspiracy, an empty space, a silent protest, a yearning, a return of loved ones.


About “Talestri”

This opera by Maria Antonia Walpurgis had its world premiere in 1760 and will premiere at the Staatstheater Nürnberg on 13th November. “Talestri” tells the tale of Amazon women who have formed their own society, completely separate from the violent world of men. Their leader is Tomiri, who suffered rape as a teenaged girl and has made it her mission to protect women from men. Her realisation that a world divided like this is not sustainable comes when Talestri falls in love with Oronte, a man who does not conform to the cliché of the brutal ruler. When this man turns out to be Tomiris son that she bore following her rape, she cannot bring herself to rescind the death sentence on him for entering their Amazon world without permission. Oronte proposes a revamped version of a non-segregated society, but not all are in favour …

Nuremberg, Germany, 2022, Photo © Pedro Malinowski
Bergamo, Italiy 2013, Photo © Silvia Somaschini

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