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* from Philipp Löhle’s “Call me Gospodin”

Inequality is booming as never before. Two thirds of Germany’s total wealth is in the hands of ten percent of the population. People’s backgrounds continue to determine the level of education they receive and the richness of their active involvement in society. And now the knock-on effects of war, climate change and pandemic are bringing home to more and more people the power that their personal finances have over their lives. Reason enough for us to explore the themes of money, class and classicism in our 2023/24 season. And as usual we’ve cast our stylistic net wide. Berliner Theatertreffen invitee Rieke Süßkow stages Werner Schwab’s sharp-tongued “ÜBERGEWICHT, unwichtig: UNFORM”, in which two social walks of life collide. Martin Kordić’s bestseller “Jahre mit Martha” centres on an unlikely couple confronting the difficulties posed by their different backgrounds and social status. Established director David Bösch tackles Simon Stephen’s “Maria”, the tale of a 19-year-old single mother struggling to make ends meet. Other highlights include “Jeeps”, a comedy of heirs and heiresses, the world premiere of a work by playwright Caren Jeß, and Philipp Löhle’s debut, “Call me Gospodin”, portraying a gloriously failed attempt to live without owning any objects.

In our remodelled 3. Etage space we host the one-of-a-kind Extended Reality Theater (XRT). Artistic directors Nils Corte and Roman Senkl team up with celebrated guest artists to immerse us in an environment where nerds rub up against the inquisitive and digital meets old school. We also look forward to seeing “Romeo and Juliet”, a collaboration of actors with teenagers, “Wallenstein”, the latest instalment of a study of Schiller’s dramas, and much more besides – but first and foremost to seeing you, our audience, in the Schauspielhaus!

Your Jan Philipp Gloger
Director of Drama

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