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Goggle Club

“Thumbs up, I’d say.”
“Couldn’t get my head around the set design.”
“Why was he naked?”
“They didn’t spare themselves, physically!”

Going to the theatre and then discussing it afterwards – not as easy as it might seem. Which is precisely why people often feel the need to talk, hear what other people saw and what they read into the onstage details. But there’s also inhibition, not wanting to say the wrong thing or be seen as not ‘getting’ something or not liking the right things. The Goggle Club wants to change all that, get people discussing stuff without being talked down to and encourage some interested chat about the various ways of interpreting productions. On the date listed in the relevant monthly programme a dramaturg will be available to chat with patrons over a drink about the performance that you’ve just seen in the 3. Etage room.

No age limits, no previous knowledge required! And dip in whenever you want; each session is a stand-alone event.

We just ask you to tell us in advance if you want to attend: schauspiel(a)

Upcoming Goggle Club sessions, immediately following the performance

22.10.2023: „Don Karlos
16.11.2023: „Übergewicht, unwichtig: Unform
05.12.2023: „Symmetrie
06.12.2023: „Symmetrie
31.01.2024: „Moskitos
08.02.2024: „Jeeps
25.02.2024: „Wallenstein
04.05.2024: „Parzival
25.06.2024 : „Ave Joost
09.07.2024: „Deus In Machina - Ein Ritual

Meeting point: 3. Etage foyer

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