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Confidence and courage are the cornerstones of our programme in the upcoming season. I think I can say, not without a twinge of pride, that our company has reached such a pitch of proficiency that the stars of the dance firmament are bringing signature works to us that they have never yet entrusted to other ensembles. A case in point is the intensely personal piece by Jean-Christophe Maillot, whom I consider a master of his genre and whose unique style continues to inform the world of neoclassicist ballet. Then there is the choreographer duo comprising Sol León and Paul Lightfoot, who have paid us the ultimate accolade by selecting for performance by our own dancers a one-of-a-kind work which, up to now, has only been staged in-house by their ground-breaking Nederlands Dans Theater.

It is not only the task of putting together the programme of extraordinary guest productions that calls for courage and willingness. I, too, am keen to evolve as a choreographer by engaging in a dialogue with my audiences. So I can be found boldly grappling with works that few choreographers have grappled with before and which are a challenge in every respect. I can say with certitude that in our relations with our audiences, too, we are showing ourselves to be wholly authentic, throwing down gauntlets to each other and breaking new terrain. The only way to evolve, whether as artists or as onlookers, is to dare to attempt the unexpected, to try to achieve the hitherto unthinkable and to keep our spirit alive and the performer/audience relationship edgy.

On that basis, we hope we will continue to enjoy your confidence. Let’s venture into new pastures together!

Your Goyo Montero
Director of Ballet and Principal Choreographer

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