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Der Step­pen­wolf

Ein Tanzstück (Uraufführung) nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Hermann Hesse

Wednesday, 20/12/2023

08.00 PM - 09.30 PM


07.30 PM Introduction (in German)


Abo Z


Konzept, Choreografie und Inszenierung von Goyo Montero

Musik von Owen Belton (Neukomposition)

World premiere

Hermann Hesse's timeless classic "Der Steppenwolf" has influenced entire generations and acquired cult status among the protest generation of the late ‘60s and ‘70s. Main protagonist Harry Haller, a kind of alter ego of Hermann Hesse, is plagued by a dissociative personality disorder: the battle between bourgeois morality on the one hand and the desire for freedom and intoxication on the other rages inside him. Thanks to its experimental character, the novel offers a creative masterpiece for chief choreographer Goyo Montero.
"Der Steppenwolf" is conceived as an interactive theatre experience. The dancers enter the auditorium and interact with the audience, making each performance a very special, immersive and individual experience.

Illustration © Oliver Schuck


In his oeuvre, Goyo Montero has already dealt many times with works of world literature classics. He created dance pieces inspired by Goethe’s "Faust", Rostand’s "Cyrano de Bergerac", Cervantes’ "Don Quixote" and Shakespeare’s "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

In the adaptation of "Steppenwolf" after Hermann Hesse's novel of the same name published in 1927 - which later became the cult book of the 68 generation - the choreographer focuses on the complex personality structure of the protagonist Harry Haller, which he elaborates with primary interest in the psychological core and by embarking on a journey into the unconscious, into the inner world of his sensitive and lonely hero.

Owen Belton, proven expert in contemporary dance composition and long-time artistic partner of Montero, provides the score to a choreography that tackles the core theme of an artist torn between individualism and a bourgeois society.

In collaboration with a top-class artistic team already familiar from "Goldberg" and "Narrenschiff", Goyo Montero is inspired conceptually for the first time by the aesthetics of performance art in the wake of great artists such as Joseph Beuys or Marina Abramović. With the help of the multi-layered stage design of the Spanish collective "EstudiodeDos" (Leticia Gañán & Curt Allen Wilmer) and in first-time collaboration with video designer Álvaro Luna, the audience is transported into an atmosphere of hallucinations and ambiguous worlds. The renowned costume designer Salvador Mateu Andujar completes the artistic team around Goyo Montero, together with the lighting designer Martin Gebhardt.


Konzept, Choreografie und Inszenierung

Musikalische Leitung (Zuspielung)








Dates and cast

Cast on 20/12/2023

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