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Be it through guided tours, workshops or seminars – we’ll talk with you and establish the appropriate analogue or digital format for each individual group.

In the Digital Fundus of the Staatstheater we’ve come up with a new, edifying series of events: MORE DRAMA

These events provide your graduating classes with 45 minutes of expert knowledge about the drama watched. If you still have time afterwards, we are happy to enter the digital classroom in the company of an artist. The series is constantly being expanded. It kicks off with “Antigone” and “About the Wolf” and the “Shakespeare Sonnets Pocket Soap” series for English lessons, developed by the actress Adeline Schebesch. We hope the site will soon be an insider tip for people wanting 45 minutes of entertaining knowledge relating to the theatre.

And for all those wanting to expand their knowledge, more series on instruments used in the State Philharmonic Orchestra, on professions within the field of theatre, a theatre lexicon and much more besides ... We are happy to advise you on how to get the best out of your individual explorative tour through the productions of our Digital Archive. We can also put together a suitable programme for your class.

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