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Gold­berg (world pre­mie­re)

Choreographies by Goyo Montero

Tuesday, 20/12/2022

08.00 PM - 09.20 PM


07.30 PM Introduction (in German)


Abo Z


Music: J. S. Bach (Goldberg Variations BWV 988), Owen Belton (new composition)

The music of Johann Sebastian Bach occupies a special place in the oeuvre of Goyo Montero. As with “Vasos Comunicantes” and “Monade”, the Nuremberg director of ballet has often drawn his inspiration from Bach’s music, most recently from the world-famous Goldberg Variations. With his choreography Goyo Montero portrays an imaginary world, a “book of dreams”, as it were, in which he explores and reflects on the diffuse space between waking state, dreams and deep sleep. What happens when a person falls asleep? The choreographer’s elaborate preparations found him studying the findings of sleep researchers and looking into phenomena such as lucid dreams, narcolepsy, REM sleep and deep sleep – including what happens within the body during these different states. Owen Belton, Montero's long-standing artistic partner, will once again combine excerpts from this complex original work with a brand-new composition of his own.

DIGITAL Introduction (in German)

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Musical Director

Konzept und Choreografie






Dates and cast

Cast on 20/12/2022

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Press reviews
Nürnberger Nachrichten/Nürnberger Zeitung

„The company acts as if from one cast, artistically demanding and escapist meditative. (...) Montero succeeds in a ravishing homage to pure dance. (...) (A) successful own contribution to Montero's anniversary as ballet director.“

Thomas Heinold, Nürnberger Nachrichten/Nürnberger Zeitung

„Goyo Montero beguiles the audience with "Goldberg" in Nuremberg. (...) Obviously, the creative spirit and innovative creativity of the Nuremberg ballet director knows no bounds. (...) Montero's secret lies in the fact that he manages to "fertilize" the individual expressiveness of each member of the ensemble and thus make it blossom. Yet to let each individual turn to the group and merge with it (...).“

Susanne Roth,

Bayerischer Rundfunk

„The dance piece “Goldberg” celebrates the joy of dance with an outstanding performance of the ensemble, as well as an extraordinary tribute to the music of Bach.“

Susanne Schmiedleitner, Bayerischer Rundfunk


„Typical Montero: effective images, varied arrangements, ambitious movement ideas. (...) The Staatsphilharmonie Nürnberg conducted by Björn Huestege (...) masters its part (...) without fault or reproach. This also applies to the company, which is indeed a pleasure to watch in view of the energy and virtuosity with which it masters this 80-minute tour de force: Sometimes breakdance-cornered, sometimes machine-exact, sometimes organic-swinging, sometimes cartoonishly exaggerated, sometimes impressively athletic, sometimes in floating harmony (...)."

Katharina Tank, Donaukurier


„Alles in allem ist Goldberg ein erfrischend modernes und tief emotionales Tanzstück, welches dem Zuschauer zutraut, seine ganz eigene Bedeutung in dem Stück zu finden.“

Kathrin Spies, Rezensöhnchen

Bayerische Staatszeitung

„(...)Mit alldem steigt Montero in die Schichten seiner Traumbilder hinab, der Variationsstruktur entsprechend in schneller Abwechslung: keine nächtliche, entschlüsselbare Traumfolge, sondern mit den 24 Tänzer*innen ein Irrgarten von Tanz und Bewegung, in dem das Ensemble über die Bühne jagt – beeindruckend in geradezu akrobatisch-artistischen Kraftakten oder tänzerischen Parforce-Jagden.“

Uwe Mitsching, Bayerische Staatszeitung


„Goyo Montero also creates a kind of icon with this evening [„Goldberg“] in Nuremberg. (...) In Nuremberg, Goyo Montero has managed the balancing act between pathos, proximity and abstraction for a decade and a half: consistently and functionally. That is remarkable.“

Rita Argauer, Tanz

Der Opernfreund

„This is a highly virtuosic evening, indeed: virtually a compendium of everything we have seen from Montero in terms of individual characters and motifs in recent years.“

Frank Piontek, Der Opernfreund

Dance Europe

„Hierarchy does not seem to exist in Montero's world: twenty-six dancers, (...) have equal status, a tight-knit homogenous ensemble yet all with diverse traits and attributes from which the choreographer can experiment and toy with to generate astounding images. (...) it was a thoroughly entertaining, dreamlike evening that was rapturously received.“

Alison Kent, Dance Europe

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